Clean Water Required

Recently we purchased a water purifier to take to Tsumkwe with us for use when we initially arrive. This initiated some research on my part to find out what was available. As you can probably imagine there are a variety of portable purifiers on the market available for a range of prices, some more readily available than others. So what were going to be the critical criteria to help narrow the options? Ease of operation, durability, weight and bulkiness of the item were all up there as important but as I dug deeper I became aware that there was quite a discrepancy on what the various purifiers actually removed from the water. This then became the overriding criteria….we would like to remain healthy if possible! I gave up the search at some point as I had reached information overload and it was at this point Craig and I had an interesting conversation about water being shipped into Vanuatu post the cyclone. The idea of shipping such a heavy and bulky necessity as water made my mind boggle. The expense, the limited nature of such a response, to say nothing about the litter of empty plastic bottles once the water was consumed, made me question the sanity of the exercise. A couple of days later I re-embarked on the search for our water filter and stumbled across the lifesaver bottle. When I mentioned to the family that I felt I had found what we needed Rachel (a TED talk addict) mentioned watching a TED talk on the water filter I had latched onto. Of course we had to watch the TED talk and it was indeed the same item and it also offered a solution to my earlier struggle with shipping water into a crisis scenario!

Watch the TED talk:Michael Pritchard’s Lifesaver Bottle