Click go the Waldocks?

We like to think we have quite good language skills for our current setting here in Australia, finding ourselves able to hold our own in a variety of different situations and capable of understanding pretty much all that most people can throw at us in terms of words. But in the not too distant future this will be far from the situation for us. We will be like babies trapped in adult bodies with no way to express what is going on in our heads to those around us. We will have to resort to the language of mime and hope that this is adequate for our needs. I imagine that we will be the source of laughter, unintended offence (hopefully not too much ) and probably a reasonable amount of confusion! Sounds like a great start! Our drive to learn the local language will be pretty high, at least initially, but our ability to produce the characteristic clicks of the language of the San may take time to perfect! One of the things that I have noticed with doing English classes for overseas students here in Australia is that our ears are not necessarily attuned to hear the sounds that are being produced and sometimes those sounds need exaggeration in order for us to even detect the small differences. Having heard the difference there is no guarantee that your tongue, palate, breathing or whatever is required to produce the sound are able to comply in order to replicate what you heard. So in a few months time when you are readily and unthinkingly banding words about,readily expressing yourself without a seconds thought for the mechanics of what you are doing or the brain work that is involved in the process, spare a thought and maybe a word or two for us as we stumble around in the world of a new and challenging language! If you think I am making more of it than I should you should check this out and let me know the gist of what is being said!!

San bushman speaking