Persevering People


Alaska. Rock Climbing. Russ Kendall rock climbs on cliffs by Turnagain Arm near Anchorage at sunset. MR

I was reminded again in my bible reading this morning of the requirement of perseverance when it comes to faith and how it is through perseverance that we reap the fruits of character and hope.

In many ways our culture does not encourage us to persevere. It offers quick fix answers or suggests that we should move on and look elsewhere rather than persist and push through. Paul presents for us the story of his perseverance through all kinds of trials and persecutions and he never allowed this to diminish his hope and faith in God and his belief, trust and experience of the power of the gospel to transform lives. We see perseverance in the parable of the sower in the seed that falls on the good soil representing those with a “noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it and by perseverance produce a crop.” Perseverance marks the life of Job, Moses, Joseph, Elijah, Paul and many others we encounter in the bible.

A couple of months back we felt that there was a mountain before us that was rather daunting but we are now in a place where although we haven’t reached the top, the summit is in sight! This has not only been a relief but an encouragement! In continuing to walk forward there will come a day when we reach our goal. It was encouraging to read of Paul’s perseverance in the face of an incredible range of mountains, metaphorically speaking, and his undimmed faith in the Father and the hope of heaven. May we be known as a people who persevered, who ran the race set before them and gained their eternal prize!