People connections

When I was first married I was surprised by the fact that it seemed wherever we went Craig or members of his family were known. His parents both come from large families and their siblings had sizable families which meant Craig has twenty seven first cousins. To me that was an astounding number of relatives. I have nine cousins all of whom along with their respective families and parents reside overseas.

Even better than these connections are those special connections that occur purely at the hand of God for the enhancement of our lives. Belinda our youngest daughter commenced university this year and attended the uni O-day, or orientation. Of all the clubs and societies that make up uni the only one she was interested in was the Student Christian Union, where she was spoken to by a friendly young lady who took her phone number and said she would be in touch. Maddy true to her word contacted Belinda and organized a catch-up coffee. Before the catch-up Belinda found out through another friend that Maddy had done her high school years in Namibia (our destination in October).connections I was very excitedly told about this and I wondered if there was a connection to some people whose names had cropped up in a variety of different settings when we had mentioned Namibia. It turned out they were connected and Maddy was their daughter! Belinda was thrilled. She now had a direct link to the country where her parents were headed. When Belinda and Maddy caught up with one another Belinda was absolutely amazed when Maddy not only knew the town that is our destination, Tsumkwe, but that she had friends there! Maddy told Belinda their names and she was even more amazed to find out that these friends were none other than our team leaders! Our God is amazing! He cares enough to put in place  connections that he knows will be a wonderful blessing and a special link between loved ones who are far apart!