God of the Impossible!

Well we are facing our date to have all our on-going or monthly support pledged and our last update saw us sitting at 73% of our total. It is testimony to God’s provision that we have come so far in a short space of time! We are aware that this figure does not fully represent what we have had promised nor does it reflect God’s inability to provide in time for commencing in Tsumkwe in October. What is required is faith to believe in the God of the impossible!


Jeremiah chapter 50 contains God’s words spoken to his prophet regarding the future of Babylon. Jeremiah relayed the message of impending disaster to a nation that thought itself invincible and which had opposed God. Judgement was at hand for the Babylonians. The people of Israel and Judah had been taken captive by the Babylonians and enslaved and this meant that their fate was tied to that of the Babylonians. For the Israelite people the situation looked pretty bleak but Jeremiah reminds them that they do have hope, not based on earthly allies but in a strong redeemer! The future of Israel rested not on their own resources but on their mighty redeemer. Jeremiah encouraged Israel to focus not on their problems but on the strong Redeemer who was actively supporting them. In the same way, as we draw nearer to our deadline I believe we need to remember that our Father who has brought us this far will carry us to the end!