Preparing for a Garden


In some ways our yard is a IMG_3281reflection of our life at this point in time. At the beginning of the year there was very little evidence of a garden. There appeared to be a mountain of work before us in order to achieve something that could pass for “a prettyish kind of wilderness”. Slowly but surely time and effort have paid off and we have witnessed a transformation occur that has given our home an entirely different look and feel. We can now see that a garden in its early stages has been birthed! This has at times been quite daunting, frustrating, and demanding but ultimately has proved exciting in the final stages. The full reality of the garden will, of course, only be revealed in time.

IMG_5100In a similar way Craig and I faced a series of hurdles that we needed to clear before we would be ready to leave for Namibia. We have completed a 12 month Dimensions of Faith study program and have certificates for our efforts, our Outbound Training and Australian Orientation program have been completed, we have proven medically and psychologically fit, we have 100 prayer partners and are inching closer to our financial support target! Our girls have moved out and we have been working on off loading our belongings and packing only that which we can store long-term. Slowly but surely we have made progress and we now face the remaining pieces that need to be brought together or completed in order for us to book our flights and contemplate our departure. As with the garden the full reality of Tsumkwe will only be revealed in time but the groundwork is almost complete!