A Concept of Time

This weekend just gone saw us leave town and head to Sydney for the AIM National Conference. We left on Friday morning so that we could spend some time with Craig’s parents on our way to the conference. We then continued to Sydney arriving early which gave us time to have some lunch and stretch our legs. As we returned to our accommodation we saw a charity shop and to fill time we went in to have a look. We came across a clock that was a map of Africa with a variety of place names written on it, needless to say Tsumkwe did not feature! We toyed with the idea of purchasing the clock but decided against it mostly on the basis that time has a very different meaning in the African context. The clock pictured below is probably more appropriate for the region!

We are now in the last weeks of our time in Australia and being wise with the use of our time and days is required if we are to leave prepared or as prepared as we can be when we don’t know exactly what we are going to! All will be revealed in time! God continues to work to His schedule bringing together the various things required before we can be deemed ready to go. We continue to marvel at the way He is at work in all aspects of our lives and preparations. We serve an amazing God; Ruler of the universe and loving Father to each one of us!