Vis a vis Visas

When travelling to many international destinations a visa is required in order to gain entry to a country. This is the case for us as we head out to Tsumkwe in Namibia. We have required and gained approval on a variety of different fronts in order to get to where we are today. We have medical, psychological, theological and financial approval as well as the approval of our church and family but there is one essential approval remaining, the approval to enter the country!

So far Helen is the only member of our team to have the approval and the visa to allow entry. The process of applying for our visas required us to fill out eight different forms each which were then submitted by the beginning of July. The people in Namibia that are handling the visas were encouraged by the issuing of the first visa and feel that the others will not be long in coming. We would ask that you would stand with us in prayer regarding the issuing of the remaining visas, that this would occur in a timely fashion for all team members in order that the commencement of our TIMO team will not need to be delayed.