Ohh..oww..Vaccination time!

We have reached the stage where we are beginning the final preparations. One of the items on the to do list is vaccinations. I am beginning to feel like a pin cushion, having two vaccinations yesterday and a blood test and another vaccination today! Ahh ..feeling the pain! But there are still more to come… another 3 or 4! Ouch!

It has made me realise once more how much we take for granted. We don’t think about endemic diseases with awful side effects that are often fatal. Why? Because we have the privilege of clean water, sewerage systems and free vaccinations for children as well as good food and simple things like concrete floors. We also have a medical system with tremendous resources at its disposal, to restore us to health in the majority of cases.

We have the luxury of expectancy of life. We expect to live! We don’t expect to die until we are long past retirement and even then many of us are reluctant to accept that our lives will not continue forever.

So I thank the Lord for the life I have had and the privilege that I have experienced because of where I have lived. May my life be worthy of that which I have received, not because I deserve it but because my Father delights to give.