ABO – Australians, Brazilians and Others

Ready for the mosque

Ready for the mosque

We have been in Kenya now for two weeks for our Africa Based Orientation training. We have people from Australia, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya and the US here and we are enjoying the diversity and fellowship that the group brings. It has been great to be exposed to a range of presenters who have covered many different topics from understanding an African world-view, connecting with Muslims, transformational development, ethno-musicology to contingency plans and what is needed in a go-bag.


A transformational project that we visited

It was nice to have weather that was somewhat cooler than what it had been in Tsumkwe. ABO was held at a lodge in Nakuru near the national park. We had our own room with a bathroom….what a treat….hot and cold running water! It was also great to have some fresh fruit and vegetables on the menu and even better that the meals were cooked for us!


A visit to a local church

Our days were fairly long and we were kept busy with presentations for most of the day. We did get some outings to churches, an outing to a mosque and another to see some different projects that had been set up using the transformational development model. These provided nice breaks but were also a window into the subjects we had been exposed to. All in all ABO was a very valuable time that gave us much food for thought, insight into much of what AIM is doing in various parts of Africa and some wonderful fellowship with seasoned and new missionaries.

Travelling in a TukTuk

Travelling in a TukTuk

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