Our Return to Tsumkwe

IMG_20160223_160136Returning to Tsumkwe after five weeks away came with some hesitations or concerns for all of us. A few days before we had left we had a celebration to welcome our “second wave” of team members which had been scheduled for the weekend after they had arrived but due to a variety of factors was delayed rather a long time. At the celebration we endeavoured to answer the question what were we here for without being too specific as we have not yet determined exactly what ministry we will undertake apart from the sharing of the gospel and growing believers in what it means to follow Jesus. We were unable to assess how the community had reacted after the event as we left shortly after. This meant we were somewhat unsure what we were returning to. For Craig and I this coupled with the news that our neighbour’s wife had given birth but lost the baby during birth meant that our return, while much looked forward to, was going to be more challenging than our initial arrival into Tsumkwe.

Thankfully we were greeted with smiles, hugs and statements that we had been gone too long! While it was lovely to be so warmly welcomed we are aware that there is a long road before us and that things will not be easy. We still face many challenges on the language learning front and in continuing to build relationships both within our team and with those in the community. There are many aspects of life that we don’t understand and so from the outside looking in it is not easy to make sense of. Our prayer is that God will continue to grow us one day at a time and will only bring before us what we are able to manage there and then. That we will be able to rest in the knowledge that he is with us and we do not need more than provision for the day.

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