Rain comes to Tsumkwe

After the rain!

After the rain!

One night recently we had a “big” rain. We have seen a lot of clouds and lightning and heard a lot of thunder over the last month but we have experienced little to no rain. The night of our “big” rain there had been much rumbling and flashing but we were pretty sure that nothing would come of it. We were woken at about midnight as the rain began to fall, softly at first but then slowly it became heavier until it was a good soaking rain. The rain continued to fall through the remaining hours of the night and the early hours of the morning. It was good to get the rain as we are desperately in need of it in Tsumkwe.

One of the things I love about the rain here is that you can tell by looking at the ground how much rain we have received. If the rain is very light and brief there is no visible evidence of it having come. If it is slightly heavier but doesn’t last long then in the sand you can see the marks from individual rain drops but when we have a really good rain the sand is clean of all marks, it is pristine with no tracks of beetle, lizard, snake, dog, goat, cow, chicken or man to be found. It is as if the land has been cleaned and we have a new start. The ground even feels different to walk on!

For me this rain was symbolic of what has taken place in our team. We have been struggling with tension in the team for some time. Our leader and one member of team had got into a difficult place and were unable to resolve things between themselves. It has taken quite some time and a number of people working with the team to finally come to a place where we have been able to wipe the slate clean, to come into a place where the “tracks” could be identified and then erased. By God’s grace we have come to a place where forgiveness and reconciliation have occurred and we now have the opportunity to make “new tracks” as we walk together. The whole process has taken its toll on us all but we look forward with a renewed understanding of team, leadership and commitment to one another; the ground we now stand on has a different feel! We would ask that you join us in prayer for the continued health of our team as I am sure that this will not see the end of our struggles but rather will be the beginning of a process of refining us as a team and  an important witness before the community of the grace of God in action.

4 thoughts on “Rain comes to Tsumkwe

  1. Hi Fiona,
    We have made some progress as a team but we still have a way to go! We still struggle with good communication. I feel we need to listen to one another’s hearts as we speak rather than focussing purely on the words spoken as this seems to lead us to confusion and hurt. Craig and I are endeavouring to put this into practice and would appreciate your prayer for us that we get better at this.
    How are things at Mayfield, that is if I am remembering correctly that you are still working there?
    Love Helen & Craig

  2. Dear Jim & Daphne, Would love to talk in person with you both but as that is not possible……We appreciate your prayers and support. We have made some progress as a team but we still have a way to go. At this point unity seems beyond our grasp. I am not sure but feel we may not all be committed to hearing each others hearts but are more focussed on the words we speak which often leads us to hurt one another and misunderstand one another. Craig and I are endeavouring to listen to people’s hearts but would appreciate your prayers that we would do this more consistently and that we would get better at it. Love Helen & Craig

  3. That was good to read….such a lovely metaphor of what the team has been through.
    We will continue to keep you all before the throne of grace, that you may receive that grace abundantly!

  4. It’s fantastic to hear that the rain is clearing some new paths ahead for the team. Praying for you all during these challenging times. God will be glorified as brothers and sisters dwell together in unity.

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