New Vision

weather-fog-shard-_1 It is at times all too easy to look around only with our eyes and see only the physical reality that stands before us. We can then become overwhelmed with what is before us believing that there is little hope of change or making a difference. When I look around I see so many trapped in their circumstances, I see the failed projects, the chicken farm without any chickens, the brand new building for the traditional authority to utilise, with its solar panels, air-conditioning and fancy stonework, a building that would look at home in our cities and which is sitting unused and getting lost in the grass/weeds; to the new housing that the government has sanctioned for the local population but which is weather-fog-shard-_2totally unsuitable for the majority of families and needs to be purchased at a price that puts them beyond the reach of even the few San people with jobs. Then there is the plethora of shebeens (alcohol outlets) some of which have a system in place where if the people make their local craft work they are paid with alcohol. We also have our local drug dealers.

But God has been reminding me lately to not look only with my eyes but to see things through His eyes and from His perspective. He has shown me that I need to allow Him to fire my imagination and grow my understanding of who He is and what He is capable of and as I do this he deepens my prayer life particularly in terms of intercession. He also grows my hope and expectation to see how He will work in our situation, how He will change lives and transform the community here and I get excited at the prospect!!

2 thoughts on “New Vision

  1. Yes, you are so right. It is easy to get lost in the hopelessness of a situation without realising that God has bigger plans than those that man has tried to put in place. Keep looking to Him – there is an answer for the San people – Jesus is that answer.

  2. Beautiful words and a great reminder that God’s view is always bigger and higher than our own.

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