Dry, Dry Skin!


During the day we have the most beautiful clear blue sky without a trace of a cloud to be seen. There is a clarity to the light that makes it seem as if all will be revealed or as if the atmosphere has somehow been washed clean of all impurities. The nights are lit by a million brilliant stars that blaze in a wide swathe across the sky making it unnecessary to use a torch outside. We have also noticed that the air has become so dry that our skin is crying out for moisture. The moisturiser that has been more than adequate so far suddenly is not sufficient. We have had to resort to a thicker less readily absorbed cream that we still need to apply at both ends of the day. Our lips also need the constant application of lip balm particularly as we struggle with producing the sounds required in Ju’/hoansi.
This need for moisture has reminded me of the need to drink from the living water. Jesus speaks to the Samaritan woman at the well asking for water and she sees only that he is a Jew and should have no dealings with her. He says to her that if she knew to whom she spoke that she would ask him instead for living water. She says the well is deep and he has no way to get the water. She goes on to say does he think he is greater than her ancestor Jacob who gave them the well? Jesus says that all who drink the water from the well will be thirsty again but those who drink the water he gives will never be thirsty again. The water he gives will become a spring of life giving eternal water.
As my skin cries out for moisture in the dry air may my soul also cry out for the living water of my Saviour. May I constantly look to Him to be the source of refreshing in my life. I need to drink deeply of the water of life that I may not just be sustained but that I may really thrive. It is only when we drink of the living waters of Christ that we have in him all that we need to face every circumstance and situation.

4 thoughts on “Dry, Dry Skin!

  1. Hi Helen and Gerry, Wow I never thought you the lady who is so good with words would say such a thing of me! Thankyou! I find it difficult to write weeklyish (sorry for the poor English) It is often difficult and sometimes it is really challenging to write anything at all.So thanks for the encouragement.Love ya Helen and Craig

  2. Helen/Craig – this is such a beautiful piece. You paint beautiful pictures with your words. Thank you and much love.
    H and G

  3. Hi Dad,
    I sent a reply to your other comment,hope you get it Love Helen

  4. Please let us know whether you receive emails that we send as we don’t whether we just send them into space. Thanks D & G

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