Vacation here we come!

Have you ever felt the need for a vacation? Sorry I know we are beginning to sound like the Americans that surround us on our team. I will rephrase that. Have you ever felt the need for a holiday? We are heading to Swakopmund for a team retreat and then holiday. We have completed our second unit of curriculum and are due for retreat and we have chosen as a team to put our holiday straight after it.

Well we have been feeling the need for timeout for the last three weeks. All of us on the team have had a countdown going for sometime. We have not only had to contend with fairly challenging climate and living conditions, learning a very challenging language as well as doing our curriculum study but we have had our fair share of team challenges. Relationship challenges are emotionally draining but also require physical energy and stamina. Most of us on the team have been in need of this break for some time. Please pray with us that it will be a time of physical rest and rejuvenation for us all. We love Tsumkwe and our families and friends there and will miss them but we need to recharge in order to continue to walk with them. Our prayer is that if any of you are feeling the need for a break that you are able to schedule some time away or make some space in your schedule for yourself that we may be able to “run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” (Hebrews 12:1)

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