Since my last post we had our team retreat followed by our two-week holiday in Swakopmund. For those of you who don’t know Swakopmund is situated on the opposite side of Namibia to Tsumkwe which means it is on the coast. Our time there was much anticipated and looked forward to. Craig and I travelled with the Hawes family but we didn’t realise that Lindsey and the girls had never seen the ocean before. (They are from central America) As we got closer to our destination I said whoever was the first to see the sea would win a prize but as it turned out we got all the way to our accommodation without a glimpse of the water! The girls were very disappointed. It was unlike approaching the coast anywhere else I have been as the coast is bordered by desert.
Our first morning we were surprised to find ourselves with a thick fog all around that hid the sea from view and made it very cold. Apparently this is quite normal for the time of year and continued to be a feature of our time in Swakopmund. When the fog did dissipate sufficiently to be able to see we found the beach one street away from where we were staying. We had taken our swimmers with us but didn’t feel like swimming as it was very cold out of the water and we were told that there is a cold current which makes it unsuitable for swimming most of the year.
The area around Swakopmund varies from flat desert to a swathe of dunes that run along the coast. We took a day trip into the dune area that was fascinating. We got to see some of the little five. (Most of Africa is renowned for the big five animals: lion, elephant, cheetah, rhino and wildebeest) We had an incredibly knowledgeable and fun guide who gave us insight into the history of the area as well as the plant and animal life. We got to see and hold snakes, lizards, chameleons and birds that our guide and his two offsiders found by scouting around and identifying tracks in the sand. This was definitely one of the highlights of our time in Swakopmund.
Another highlight was a kayaking tour that we did in the Walvis Bay area south of Swakopmund. This was a great time spent kayaking in the bay amongst the seal colony. The seals were totally unafraid of us and we were able to touch them, feel their skin/fur and bristles and have them sniff our hands. Craig even had them nibble at his fingers! We had been told that we might have a seal “beach” itself on the kayak and not to worry if this happened as they would not hurt us but were just curious. Unfortunately, we didn’t have that happen.
While we were on holiday we had the opportunity to skype with family and friends which was a huge blessing for us and just an “extra” from our heavenly Father. It was good to spend some time relaxing, going for walks, watching a few movies, reading a non-curriculum book and shopping for food we don’t get normally including of course eating it! It is good that God instituted a Sabbath as he knew we needed it!

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  1. Glad you had such a well deserved down time. Very different from the beach in Oz!!!

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