Broken Down Again!

The Nissan, one of our team vehicles, we thought was doing okay when we left Tsumkwe to head out to Swakopmund for our end of unit team retreat. Unbeknown to us it was harbouring issues. As we left the dirt road and started on the bitumen the uneven motion of the vehicle, which we had put down to the state of the dirt road, became worse. We discovered that one of our tyres had a bulge on it. We made the decision to put the spare tyre on and to keep travelling. Further down the road the vehicle again began to wobble about. On investigation we found another tyre with a bulge! At this stage we made the decision to keep going to the next sizeable town and see if we could purchase new tyres there to complete the trip. We arrived safely in Okahandja and were thankfully able to get two tyres to fit the vehicle and have them fitted within an hour and a half, a minor miracle here in Namibia! Thinking we had put the trouble behind us we continued to travel towards the coast. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end of our problems. About mid-afternoon we heard a disconcerting noise from the front passenger side of the vehicle. Once again we stopped to investigate. This time it appeared that something, Craig thought a seal, had failed and we had oil all over the brake disc on that side. We had no option but to continue to limp along slowly hoping that the vehicle would get us to our destination and to mechanical help. We did arrive safely, later than we had anticipated but without further mishap.
For me I see similarities between the story of our vehicle and the story of our team. We had been limping along as a team knowing there were problems but unaware of the extent of them. We were notified at the end of team retreat that we were losing a team member. This came as a shock. We had no inkling that the problem had got to this point. We were told that we would have leadership from En Gedi come to help us as a team to process our loss and to repair the damage done. This is not the first time that we have required the help of leadership from En Gedi. Previously when we had this intervention we were left hopeful that all was addressed when the leadership departed only to have this latest turn of events. Once again as a team we are left in a place of hope believing we are ready to walk forward together. Please pray with us that we are able to make this a reality not only for the sake of our team members but for the sake of the San community that we came to minister to. Please also pray for our community as they too are hurting and struggling to come to terms with losing a much loved daughter, granddaughter, sister and friend. We all need the help of the great physician himself our heavenly Father. Please pray with us that we would all seek him as we look to moving forward as individuals, as members of a team and as part of our community.
PS. In case you are wondering our vehicle is yet to receive its expert attention and be restored to us.

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