Carrying the Gospel

We have no electricity to our home so we use an esky for storing different food items in order to prolong their life. This is only effective if there is a means of dropping the temperature within the esky.The way we do this is to fill five litre bottles with water and to have them frozen in the team freezer. We then make the trip across town to where the freezer is located to pick up a frozen bottle of water and bring it back to put in the esky. As it is winter at the moment our bottles can last two days before they need replacing but in the heat of summer we need to replace them every alternate day. This means we reguarly walk the twenty minutes each way carrying either water or ice.
Last week I was carrying water to go and get ice when I greeted some passers by. I did not know these people and expected nothing more than greetings and so I was surprised when they spoke something more to me. I had been contemplating other things and I was going through the motions of greeting so it took me a few moments to register what had been said. And, okay my Ju’/hoansi is not great so the thought process was slower, but I finally realised that I was being asked for a drink and, lightbulb (the kind where you switch it on and there is a delay before it lights up), realised I was carrying water! I readily obliged the young couple with a baby and they were very grateful.
As I reflected on this incident it seemed to me that this in a way should be how I carry the gospel daily. The gospel I carry needs to be visible before others in such a way that they are able to recognise their need. Having recognised their need, they must also feel free to come and ask for what I have / He has.

5 thoughts on “Carrying the Gospel

  1. I wish it were true that my language is getting better….well I know it is improving but I definitely feel I will never get beyond very basic conversations! Still maybe that is all I need? I don’t know but trust God will allow me what I need to do what He requires of me 🙂 Love Helen

  2. Thanks Jodie. It has been a challenging walk here but God is good and faithful and knows what the plan is even if we are not sure!He is our refreshing! Love Helen

  3. Thank you for a great story. Daphne and I are just back from West Timor and I preached on Sunday at Nekmese on John 4 – the woman at the well. Jesus said “Give Me a drink” and out of the conversation that ensued from that simple request a whole village came to Christ.

  4. Love this. 🙂 Makes me think of when Jesus asked the woman at the well to draw water for him to drink. Such a simple idea but a profound concept. Hope you are being refreshed as you refresh others.

  5. What a lovely picture you paint….and how clever you must be getting with the language, to be able to help out in this way!
    May God continue to bless and use you both. And may your ice bricks last as long as possible!!

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