The Joy of bringing Joy

We had a group of South African Christians come to town the week before last. They were here for about a week running various programmes. There were events held for the children in the late afternoon but our family didn’t hear about them until the very last day. As the sun goes down very early here at the moment the older children went on the last night but the younger ones missed out. Craig and I decided to go the following night as we didn’t realise that the programme was finished and planned to take the younger children with us for their safety. They were very happy about that but then we discovered that the activities were over. Needless to say the children were disappointed. We decided that maybe all the children would like to come to our house to watch a movie. This was agreed to by Dad and so the children were very excited. Please remember these children have probably never seen a movie before.
We had supper with the family and then Mum decided she would go to bed and Dad would join us a bit later as he had to go to work for a short while. The children could hardly contain themselves. We got them in and settled so that everyone could see sufficiently. Our laptop screen is not that big! We turned off the light which surprised them and started the movie. We had chosen The Croods to watch as we have few children’s movies and we wanted something that the story line was fairly obvious so that they could understand what was happening. If you don’t know the movie it is the story of a caveman family and how they survive.
Instead of watching the movie I ended up watching the family. They were such a joy to watch. Their faces were so expressive. They rolled around laughing at the funny parts, slapping their legs. When something unexpected happened some put their hands on either side of their faces in shock others sat forward not knowing what to anticipate and then their relief when all was well was also written all over their faces. At the end of the movie they sat through all the credits reluctant I think that the night had come to an end.
The following evening, we had a request for the movie again and this time both Mum and Dad joined us and they also enjoyed it very much! On Sunday evening Craig and I were just finishing our evening meal when Craig received a text message from his busha, our neighbour, asking if our family was able to come and visit. I asked Craig if he had mentioned to the neighbour #ao, about the possibility of our kids coming to Tsumkwe to visit us. He said yes but some time back. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and all the children were there….it then dawned on us what the message had meant! Once again we sat down to watch The Croods. Like any good/favourite story/movie I am sure we will be revisiting it!

4 thoughts on “The Joy of bringing Joy

  1. Yes, I have to admit I watched everyone’s faces and not the movie!!

  2. I totally agree! I look forward to Aussie family nights too sometime in the future! 🙂

  3. Sounds wonderful! 😀 Family movie nights are always a good idea 😉

  4. What a delightful story! Could picture all their faces as the movie progressed!

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