Feeling the Pressure!

Craig and I are both feeling the pressure at the moment. We are required to spent time in the community building relationship, learning language, reading books and articles, writing papers, keeping a journal, memorising scripture as well as spending daily time in the word and prayer. We have had four consecutive days of being told that we don’t measure up and that has added to our burden. We know that it is only in Christ that we are sufficient for any task that he puts before us.

We are seeking His guidance in knowing where our time needs to be focussed moment by moment. We are also looking to Him to be our strength. We know that He has called us here and we see clearly the need for us to be here.

4 thoughts on “Feeling the Pressure!

  1. Hi precious and called ones, we’re praying for you in these days of pressure. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, the leader and perfecter of faith. You are precious in His sight. Psalm 68:19 Blessed be the Lord who DAILY bears our burden, the God of our salvation. Love j&d

  2. Yes. Completely agree with Helen. And for what it’s worth, you guys definitely “measure up” in my books! Love you both. Fiona

  3. Hello friends! Praying for you guys today that you have clarity and peace about ‘being’ and ‘abiding’ and that you experience his yoke which is easy and the lightness of his burden. Thank God for the the cross and the power of His resurrection which mean we will always measure up in his sight. Love you and think of you often. H

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