Spring is in the Air!

We have watched the vegetation slowly dry out; the few remaining trees with leaves have lost or are losing their leaves which are now just dried forms of what they once were. We have had no rain for about five months now and we had a poor rainy season before that so the landscape is very dry and barren. In the midst of this we have seen the appearance of blossom on some of the trees and shrubs which has surprised us. Some of the blossoms are reminiscent of wattle because of the colour and shape of them. The colour and smell have been a delight.1-img_20160907_100652
As spring has surprised us in its arrival my prayer is that as a team we are in for a surprise that will be an indicator of a new season for us within which there will be new life for all.
All the team members, except Craig and I, had to apply for visa renewals as they were only granted a one-year visa on entry to Namibia. We learned two days ago that their visa applications were rejected. An appeal has been lodged and we have been told that of all the appeals that AIM has made for visas only one was not renewed and that this occurred more because the people involved felt it better not to stay in a hostile environment. We believe that we should have a response from Home Affairs next week about whether or not the appeals have been successful but we are not certain of this. As you can imagine this has come as a surprise particularly in the light of the recent approval of all the visa renewals and new visas granted for all the other Namibian AIM members. Please pray with us that the authorities will reverse their decision regarding the visas. We recognise that God is Lord of all and that He knows the outcome of this situation and no matter how it unfolds it will be according to His plan.

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