One Certainty

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The only certainty we have is that God is Lord and Sovereign and that His will prevails.
So much has changed in the last few of days. What appeared to be fixed turned out not to be so. Each day for about the last ten days has brought with it a measure of change. Some of the changes came in relation to the team, some in relation to our neighbours and Ju/’hoansi family, team retreat, team vehicles, holiday plans…and the list goes on.
Where are we in this sea of uncertainty? We are trusting the one unchanging, rock of ages; He who holds the universe in the palm of his hand yet sees each one of us and promises that all things work together for the good of those that love and serve him.
Craig and I arrived in Swakopmund yesterday late afternoon. In the morning we had no transport from Tsumeb and no surety should we not find a way to Swakopmund that we would have a place to sleep. God is good and we finally got someone prepared to bring us to Swakopmund and double blessing it was a very comfortable ride! We have also, since arriving, managed to book some accommodation for a week. What the rest of our holiday looks like we, as yet, don’t know but that is a whole week away…..

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