Be Still

1-20160923_180647Many of you will already be aware that change is in the air for us, not just for Craig and I but also for the rest of our team and for the community in Tsumkwe. You will already have received notification from the AIM leadership in En Gedi which heads up and oversees the TIMO program and TIMO teams. The decision has been taken to bring our team to a close and this was relayed to us after we had left Tsumkwe and just prior to commencing our holiday time. This has come as something of a disappointment for us but we understand the reasons for the leadership coming to their decision. We are confident that God has not been surprised by the turn of events and that He in His infinite wisdom has a plan in and through all of this for each and every member of the team and for the community in Tsumkwe. The plans of our Father may cause us to ask some questions but we know that there is a greater plan at work that we may never see in full and possibly may not even see in part. God does not work according to our ways or understanding but according to his wisdom and purposes. We are confident that God has us in his care and that he will unfold the next stage of his plan for us in his timing. Until then we are at peace; secure in his love for us and we trust him as we face a level of uncertainty as to our future. We wanted to reassure you all that we are not struggling with what has unfolded but remain confident in our Father and trust him in whatever lies ahead. We ask that you would continue to pray for us, all of our team members and the community in Tsumkwe as we walk forward.

2 thoughts on “Be Still

  1. Thinking of you and praying that His way forward will become clear. x

  2. We stand with you during this uncertain time. On the Rock! Psalm 31:3. Love j&d

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