A Chapter Closes

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It has been some time since our last communication, sorry about that. We have had much to do and we have had little or no internet access for part of that time and then we had issues with our computer that we only managed to resolve in the last couple of days.

At the end of our vacation time we were required to make our way to Okahandja for our team debrief. Craig and I decided to take our chances on getting a ride there by arriving early at the garage that many vehicles leave from to take people to different destinations.We were able to get a ride within half an hour of arriving and as we made a full load we left straight away. We were the first to arrive at the place where the debrief was to take place. By that evening everyone had made it safely to Okahandja.

Our debrief occurred over the following three days. It was a time that was physically and emotionally demanding but while difficult it was a good process to walk through to enable us as a team to leave one another in as positive and healthy a way as we could.The children were amazing in the way they coped with all that was happening.

At the end of our debrief we were given a gift of a vase. The story of the vase was that it had been made by a disabled man who had been rejected by society until taken in by an organisation that worked with those with disabilities. These people were then trained to create beautiful items from glass enabling them to have a job, dignity and respect. All the glassware they create is made from  broken glass items or items that have been thrown away. The vase was a beautiful picture of what the world rejects the Lord uses to create

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