A Time to Talk

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Before we left Tsumkwe at the end of our unit of curriculum Craig had become rather stressed by some changes in expectations from our leadership that had come suddenly and were rather dramatic. This resulted in the TIMO leadership in Tanzania asking if we would be open to speaking to a counsellor. We agreed to this but when a phone call was attempted the connection was so bad that it was decided that we would wait until we were on vacation and that we would use the beginning of our vacation to visit the counsellor in person.
When we received the news that the team was being brought to a close we were in Tsumeb where we had gone as a team for our end of unit retreat. Craig and I then needed to make our way to Swakopmund where the counsellor had his practice. We had three appointments scheduled and then we did not know what would happen from there.
Our time with the counsellor went very well. It was a blessing and privilege to work with someone so skilled, knowledgeable and understanding. At the end of our final session we were told that the recommendation would be that we were fit to be re-assigned elsewhere in the organisation. This was good news for us and was the outcome we had been hoping for. We had trusted God for this and we were thankful that it had come to fruition.

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