Farewell to Family and Friends.

20161023_090356 After our team debrief we travelled to Grootfontein to pick up one team vehicle which had been repaired before we went on to Tsumkwe. We arrived late on Thursday afternoon and informed our host families that there was to be a meeting that they needed to attend that evening. This was intended to be a short meeting but as it turned out was quite a lengthy meeting. At the meeting our families were informed of the leadership decision to finish up the team. This news was disappointing to them. We then all had the difficult task of visiting our friends to inform them that we were leaving and to invite them to a farewell party the next evening. Our final two days in Tsumkwe were to be spent as we chose; packing, spending last precious moments with those we 20161023_112838were close to and saying goodbyes ready to leave early on Monday morning. Leaving was a difficult task with much heartache and many tears shed.

We drove to Grootfontein where we said goodbye to Jeremy, Claudia and Zeka. Jeremy and Claudia were going to stay in Grootfontein until the other team vehicle was repaired and then they would drive it to Windhoek. Zeka was returning to Tsumkwe. The rest of us continued to Windhoek arriving there late in the afternoon. We were welcomed by our unit leaders and after a meal and some conversation and rearranging of our luggage we headed to bed. Robb, Lindsey and the girls and Elannah had an early flight the next morning. Craig and I went with them to the airport to see them safely on their way and to say our last goodbyes to our team mates. We will miss them and our friends and family in Tsumkwe very much. 20161025_063831

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