Where to from Here?

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We spent a week in Windhoek after saying farewell to our team mates. During this time we had several discussions with our unit leaders and we endeavoured to solve our computer problems. We also took some time to recover and spend time with the Lord as we were exhausted after all that we had been through. Our unit leaders felt that the office in South Africa was in a better position to help us look to the future and possibilities for re-assignment. We then made the decision to fly to Johannesburg on Tuesday and repacked our luggage so that we were not over weight. This meant that some things we left with Kevin and Cami, our unit leaders, to bring to South Africa when they drove down for a leadership conference. We  were finally able to resolve our problems with the computer the day before we left to fly to Johannesburg. We were required to have a debrief in the Southern Region Office as well as an End of Term debrief/discussion. We have been in Johannesburg now for just over a week and have completed our debrief and our end of term discussion. We are now in a position to look at possibilities for re-assignment. At this stage we have no idea of what may be before us and don’t feel that God is directing us to something particular yet. We would ask that you would pray with us that God would direct our steps and clearly show us where we are to go and that we will be open to his leading.

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