In the between…

Currently, Craig and I find ourselves in a place that is between…. between the end of one ministry and the beginning of another.

This is a challenging space to sit in well. There is a time to contemplate what has come to an end. Accompanying contemplation are a myriad of varying emotions. This myriad may encompass grief, maybe a measure of relief, possibly some regret, joy and a sense of accomplishment. No matter the circumstances of the closure of a chapter it is always marked for us by some emotion. After a space of time, whose length cannot be predetermined, we begin to look forward rather than back. We are ready to contemplate what may lie ahead. Determining what is ahead is not always an easy task.

There are times when God speaks and directs clearly; there are other times when the road ahead is much more difficult to know with certainty. Once we believe we know what is next our desire is to move toward that as quickly as is possible. Unfortunately, the way forward is not always smooth or uncomplicated and may also encompass a further measure of waiting.

It is in this “between” as much as anywhere that we need to live day by day reliant on our Father to supply all that we need to navigate this period in a manner worthy of Him.

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