A new look for a new venture!

As you can see we have given our blog a make over in preparation for a new season of ministry.

Craig and I have been accepted to work alongside Andy and Margaret Anderson in Tabora Tanzania. Andy and Margaret have been based in Tabora for about 18 months and have been praying for team members to join them at Ndevelwa.

We first heard about the opportunity to work in Tabora around Christmas time. Since then we have been in the process of understanding the work that is currently occurring there, the vision for the future and how we could potentially fit into the picture and the role that we could play there.

Once we determined that this was where God would have us we have had to complete all the appropriate paperwork, medical evaluations, insurances, catching up with our support network about where we have been and what we are going to, spending time reconnecting with family and friends as well as many other aspects of preparing to return to Africa to be involved in a different venture in a location that is new to us.

Stay tuned as we work towards our departure from Australia!

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