What is our new venture?

“What is our new venture?” I hear you ask. That is a very good question. There are some known aspects to this venture and also many unknown aspects, as is often the case when undertaking a new ministry. Having said that I will endeavour to fill you in on the known aspects and some of the possibilities.

We will be based outside the town of Tabora in central western Tanzania. We will be on a property with our leaders and co-workers, Andy and Margaret Andersen. The property at Ndevelwa has been and is still being utilised for a variety of purposes including agricultural training and development, children’s work, ministry into the local primary and secondary schools, bible study/training and women’s ministry.

Initially Craig will be involved with the maintenance of existing infrastructure and the building of new structures on-site but is also hoping to be involved with Andy in ministry to the men. Helen may be involved with children and youth, possibly doing some teaching, and also in reaching out to the local women along with Margaret. When we are on site one of our first projects will be to build a new structure, or re-purpose an existing building as a home for ourselves.We will also need to learn a new language in order to communicate with the local people.That language will be Swahili and we are hoping that it will be somewhat less challenging than Ju/hoansi. As we become familiar with the people and the area and as our understanding of the local situation grows and the Lord speaks to us, our ministry will become clearer. We are excited about what lies ahead and look forward to sharing the journey with you all.

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