The Plan Unfolds…

In order to arrive at the point that we are now at has not been a straight road. It has at been a journey of getting our hopes up as we began to move on a suggested path only to find that there has been a major obstacle that could not be resolved and our hopes have been disappointed.We have had several abandoned plans and so it is good to finally have a definite plan.

Once the current plan was deemed viable by all parties we have set to work on making it come to fruition. This has been complicated by certain factors. When we departed the African continent we felt it would be easier not to travel with all of our belongings as we believed that we would not be in Australia for a very long period. This meant that on our return we needed to find a way to move what we had left behind to our new location. At face value that does not appear too hard until you factor in that we are not in the country where our belongings are and so we cannot package them to travel as required, we are not available to deliver them to a depot nor are we available to have them picked up locally.

We also volunteered to take some hospital equipment with us and so tried to get some extra baggage for humanitarian reasons. This became very tricky when it came to travelling on a ticket issued by one airline with the final leg of the journey on a partner airline flight with different baggage allowances and regulations.

Thanks to the persistence of our travel agent, well done Mission Travel, we have managed to bring together all the parts into a cohesive whole that enables us to make it to our destination, Nairobi, with everything; our luggage, our extra belongings, the hospital equipment and ourselves! Praise God!

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