The Father’s Hands

While we had not anticipated a return to Australia at the end of 2016, nor had we foreseen that our stay here would end up being quite as lengthy as it has turned out to be, we have experienced God’s hand at work during our time here. Being able to spend Christmas with our family was very special despite the culture shock associated with returning at a time of such rampant commercialisation and over indulgence. There was much joy in being able celebrate the Saviour’s birth together as a family.

Our youngest daughter was quite unwell when we returned to Australia. She was understandably very pleased to see us and it was a great joy to both ourselves and our daughter to help her and be there for her as she walked the road back to full health.

We had the pleasure of farewelling our eldest daughter as she went off on a TEAR encounter trip to India for 6 weeks and also to be around on her return enabling us to be available as she began to process the experience and what its outworking means for her future.

We have had the opportunity to spend time with our ageing parents as well as with extended family members. While there have been some difficult aspects to this which have brought challenges, we have valued the time and opportunities that we have had to sow into relationships in different ways.

We have seen God’s hand in many ways from the provision of a variety of different homes for us to stay in, special experiences bestowed on us, celebrations that included us, the joy of reconnecting with friends and supporters to the provision of vehicles to help us get around. We are profoundly humbled by the generosity and love that has been graciously bestowed on us by so many amazing brothers and sisters in Christ. You are a living testimony to the love and grace of our heavenly father.

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