With Feet on Kenyan Soil

We arrived safely in Kenya around midnight on Friday after a rather long and tiring series of flights. Thankfully we had no issues with our luggage for the entirety of our trip. When we arrived in chilly Johannesburg we were unsure what the arrangements were and so after failing to find anyone looking for us, Craig loaded his old South African sim card into his phone and believe it or not it actually worked! This enabled us touch base with Pierre who gave us the address we needed and told us what it would cost to get there. We arrived without any trouble and were warmly greeted by Pierre and his family. We had a fun evening with the family playing games before we headed off to bed.

The following morning, we joined the other staff from the southern region office for their usual breakfast together which was a lovely time to catch-up with them. After breakfast, we had a great time of prayer and fellowship. We then had to start on the job of repacking to include the items that we had left in Johannesburg. This required a lot of shuffling of items and weighing and re-weighing of bags until we had everything as close to correct weight as we could manage. After lunch, it was time to return to the airport for our final flight to Nairobi.

Once we exited the airport in Nairobi we fairly quickly located Nicholas, who had come to pick us up. We were pleasantly surprised that we managed to come through customs without having a single bag opened and with only having to answer a couple of questions. We were so exhausted by this stage that it was wonderful not to have our bags opened and searched. Praise God! We were very thankful to arrive at last at Mayfield Guesthouse…’home’.

3 thoughts on “With Feet on Kenyan Soil

  1. Hi Sharon, Habari, how are you? We are in Nairobi until our visas for Tanzania come through. They are fairly confident that they will come through by the end of September but possibly it could be longer…so we are a bit unsure how long we will be here.So good to hear from you :)xx

  2. Hey, welcome to East Africa! Karibu! How long are you in Nairobi for? I’m not that far away! 🙂 xx

  3. Wow. What an epic journey! So glad you get to stay in one place for a while. Any idea how the language learning will proceed?

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