Seeing Beyond

We are now at Ndevelwa near Tabora where we have been introduced to the local authorities in the village, to the AIC church leadership in town as well as to the Home Affairs officials . Andy took us around the farm to see where things are, what programs they have in place and what they are working towards and to give us some perspective on the different challenges they face. There are a couple of buildings that were possible for us to re-purpose for a home and as we walked to see them Andy said we needed to see beyond what was there to what could be. I very much had the sense that this was not just required for looking at buildings for a home but that we are required to see with eyes of faith what our heavenly Father has for his children here!

This will be our new home!

After hearing about how dry it was in Tabora and how they had been crying out for rain it was a joy to get here and to find that there had been two rains in the previous two weeks and so there were green shoots showing…a promise of new life! This has been our prayer since we have been here, that God would give people here not just the rain they so desperately need but that He would pour out the water of eternal life that the people are also desperately in need of.

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