We have had an amazing first week here! We have been very warmly welcomed by the Andersens and very much feel accepted and loved. We have met a number of others who are also working here and there is very much a sense of community among these brothers and sisters in Christ despite working at quite different projects. It is such a delight to be welcomed into such community and to experience the sweetness of unity and love with others.

There has been an unexpectedness to Tabora, not that I can say what I was expecting, but it is different! This has been a week of excitement as we have had (M) friends of Andy and Margaret who were imprisoned on trumped up charges finally released and when they visited they made references to a couple of things they had read in the ‘book’ they had been given by the Andersen’s when they were in prison about forgiveness. We also had news that the son of one of our workers had made a commitment to follow Jesus and abandon Islam. Another day two young girls showed up and one of them had heard that she could learn more about Jesus if she came to us. She had made a commitment when she was living elsewhere and now wanted to know how she could learn more about her Saviour!! As well as this there was news of a good water supply being discovered when the drilling team was at the children’s home that is part of the work of the farm here. This will make a huge difference to life at the home. Praise God what an amazing week! It was hugely encouraging for us all here!

One thought on “Unexpected!

  1. So happy to hear your beginnings have been good ones. Love that already you are seeing the fruit of the ministry itself and that your sense of unity and community is so strong. Praise God for a good start!
    We just booked the Africa leg of our travels next year, flying London-Abuja for a two week visit with K and J ❤️ Only sad we won’t be able to fit in a side trip to you guys ?
    Love, Fi xx

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