Building Awareness

We have spent the last two weeks being involved in a variety of different things. Craig and Andy have spent time working on a welder/generator only to finally abandon it as a lost cause as well as working on the wind generator, a project that is still underway. They have also installed another tank to collect much needed rainwater for the dry season. Craig and I have also drawn up some plans to convert the existing but no longer used meat processing plant into a home and with the return of the farm trust superintendent we have been given the ok to go ahead. As a first step we have done a clean-up inside the building and we have removed a tree that was dropping a lot of leaf matter on the roof that would contaminate our rainwater as well as cleaning and sealing the concrete tank that will hold our water.

Andy teaching.

With the beginning of the first rains the guys have been busy with the land that we are using to demonstrate Farming God’s Way. We also were invited by the local high school to run a farming God’s Way seminar and to do a demonstration plot. This occurred over three days and generated quite a lot of interest from the teachers as pretty much everyone has a piece of land that they farm.

I have attended the kindergarten class with Margaret to assist where I can with the children, more of whom appear every week! I also spent some time in the composite first/second/third grade class and ended up taking the Maths lesson when I was left in the room with the children!! With around two hundred children in the class and a wide range in what the children are capable of I have great admiration for the teacher of that class as well as the other teachers in the school.

The students doing the practical work in the field.

While we were at the high school we learned that the Form 2 students had no Biology, Physics or Chemistry teacher all year and would be sitting exams in about 10 days. Craig and I agreed to go in and help the students if they had any questions that they wanted clarified before they sat the exam. As it turned out we discovered the students had not had access to the textbooks to read/learn on their own, so we decided that there was little point in us trying to do anything. It was quite discouraging to think they would have to sit the exam knowing there was no hope of passing.

We are beginning to build an understanding of the community and some of the needs within it. Please pray with us that as we realise more of the situation that God would clearly prompt us as to where it is He would have us put our time and energy.

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