Making a Home

Our focus over the last couple of weeks has been on working on what is to be our home. The building was a meat processing facility which we are re-purposing into a home. As you can imagine in its original form there was not much about the building that was like a house or home apart from the bare structure of walls and roof. We have been working both inside and outside the building. We need to have a supply of water and power, both of which we will source from our Father’s resources; in other words, we will have rainwater tanks and solar panels. A reminder to us that all we have comes from the hand of God.

As we have been working I have been very aware that we have so much more than those around us. What we started with in terms of a building is/was far superior than what our neighbours have. In terms of space, durability of the construction, ability to keep the rain out and to be cooler in the heat, we have started with more than most around us will ever know. And all this before we “improve” and modify! We will add to our home water collection that will allow us to have clean drinking water which is not only an improvement in taste but means that we can maintain better overall health. Our solar panels will allow us access to other aspects of life that our neighbours do not know.

It is humbling to realise again that I am no different from my neighbour in the eyes of my heavenly Father. I am no more loved or valued. I am no better or worse, but I have been given so much more and with that comes a responsibility before God. Some would have us believe we are blessed because we are doing the right things before God or because we are very much loved by God, but the bible tells us we are blessed to be a blessing to others… maybe blessing is in part a testing of us and of where our hearts are at? As we wrestle with different issues raised during this process of making a home we ask for your prayers that we would be actively seeking God, open to hearing from him and willing to follow his leading in any way he would choose to direct us with this project.

5 thoughts on “Making a Home

  1. hi helen great to hear where you are. Have know several people who have worked in tanzania… its a nation with some very different areas of climate for the more moderate in the moutians to the hot and steamy a church i went to in tamworth supported a lady who was there working with an anglican group and she worked a s a counsellor in a place for people with aids she is retired and back in tamworth and the other man met was travelling around just teaching the grace of God in the churches as so many there as so many here had not yet got it and were reverting back to works. have recntly been given a more comprehensive understanding of grace i know how liberating that revalation is. I have moved again and have god willing decided im not doing it again. fostering a good relationship with the landlord so he will be kind to me and me to him. Ive not been terribly well but am working on it again with Gods help. Hope to get into some artwork again soon Bless you guys heaps Gay oh yea few years ago i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and then bipolar 2 mild its still a learning curve and every so often ig o to the doctor and spit the dummy but then get back on my feet . The hot weather makes it worse its april and yesterday it was 37C and has not rained in more than a month maybe two today 34 but after that comes my favourite bit the chill yipee.

  2. Hi Gay good to get your update and hear how life is for you. life here is hot & humid at the moment as we are in the rainy season…boy do we get some doozy storms..thunder & lightning and absolute downpours of rain that can last several hours! It makes sleeping hard when it is so noisy!! We are in Tanzania now. When we first went out we were in Malawi. There are similarities and differences. We spent today taking some local kids to boarding school about three hours drive away…it was quite a process! Take care of yourself God bless Helen

  3. hi wallys moved back to narrandera may 2007 as my dads prostate cancer had moved into his bones and doctors informed me paliative cre from there.Mum was also ill with polymyalgia rheumatica so after a great stuggle inside i moved from tamworth within a week. I spent a lovely 9 months witth dad bec=fore he passed away and he gav ehis heart to jesus the day before.. hard but so good sice then i have cared for mum untullast year about augurst she got realy ill with pneumonia heart failure and we expected she might not make it. she fought back but was far to frail for me to care for her and family idinot want her to go into care and neither did she so she relocated to mudgee and is now livign in herown little home nect t john and maryannes house and is very hpapy there. Me im stillon the disablitiy pension my dignoses are fibromyalgia bipoar 2 mild and scoliosis and ostearthritis..i do w=quite wlll but the pension was a gift from God. I goto the CRC church here a very active littel aussie barand pentecostal church which plats church and does a lot of overseas stuff as well. Mst otf the time i have felt pretty at home here but every so pften i get the cranks will them all but they probably do with me too its really and amazing chrhc for such a small bush town. I move house far to often for varying reasons i ope this is the last move but i reall wan to improve on the cooling since i moved in temps have benn as high as 47 degress but i guess you guys would know all aout tha in africas is the ocuntry you are in the same or differnet to when you first went on the feild bless you all Gay’

  4. Hi Gay, So nice to hear from you…it has been quite a while! Would love to hear what you are up to these days! God bless, Helen & Craig

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