Painting: A Lesson in Perseverance.

Maybe for some of you painting is an enjoyable activity, something that energises you or relaxes you or just gives you pleasure. For me painting, house painting that is, does none of the above it is merely a task that needs doing. It is a task that only gives me pleasure when it is complete and I don’t need to open the tin of paint again or clean my brush, or prepare the surface anymore! Having said that it is a task that I can do. I cannot figure out or install the cables for lights or figure out and fit the piping required to get the water from the underground tank to the header tank and then to the tap or design a septic system that works. Thankfully Craig is more than able to do those things. So it has fallen to me to do the painting.

The building that we are re-purposing has not been utilised for 17 years and as you can imagine is somewhat worse for wear. This means the painting job is not straightforward. Before a new coat of paint can be applied there is much groundwork to be done first. The decision needs to be made as to whether or not the wood of the door, door frame, window frame is salvageable. Have the white ants eaten too much, are there any wasp nests that need to be removed,does the window/door/door frame need replacing? The accumulated debris of the years needs to be cleaned away, as well as the peeling remains of previous coats of paint or varnish, along with the rusted fly mesh and the multiple nails from each previous renewing of the mesh which took place without removing the old nails. Once this process has occurred it is time to sand, no electric sander here just good old elbow grease! At last it is time to paint or varnish!

As I have been working I have had plenty of time to think, reflect and to pray. There have been days when the task felt too big or it seemed like a lost cause that I was chasing, something elusive and ever beyond my reach. The verse that has repeatedly come to mind has been Galatians 6:9 “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” I know these words were not written to our specific situation but God has been speaking to me about remembering these days when we get to a place in ministry that seems to be a “lost cause”. The doors to the building that we will one day call home were just such a “lost cause” and now they are a thing of beauty, well relative beauty, according to three very different people who did not know the history of them!

3 thoughts on “Painting: A Lesson in Perseverance.

  1. Hi Bruce & Sue,
    Thanks for your message, how are the building works at your place progressing? We are happy to be in our house now despite it not being finished. Painting certainly allows time for prayer and reflection! Appreciate your prayers, can’t get too many of those!! God Bless Helen

  2. Hi Craig and Helen,
    Well done on those doors! We really do appreciate the time and effort that goes into preparing for the last step of the work which is actually applying the paint! As you work, know that we are also painting: in a very different country, with better tools and no doubt more comfort than you. Your post reminds me that as we share the same task we can be praying for you. May God bless you this Easter and every day in all you do for his kingdom. Xxx Bruce and Sue

  3. Yes, the doors are lovely and I’m sure they will open in welcome to many who pass your way. Well done for all your efforts. I am gearing up to bagging ( a form of rendering that doesn’t need to look perfect) the entire outside of our house sometime soon….now that’s a mammoth task I’m not really looking forward to.
    Be blessed today, guys. Xx

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