The provision of a Vehicle.

The Lord provides for us in many ways and  recently he provided us with a reliable vehicle! We purchased the vehicle from another missionary couple that were leaving the country for a new destination.


Buying a vehicle is no easy task. Vehicles that are 15-20 years old and older are expensive compared to vehicles back home. There is not the same market for new cars and there are many second hand cars that are imported and sold here. It is also difficult to know how a vehicle has been treated, though sometimes it is fairly apparent from external appearances. Many drivers seem to believe that any vehicle can be taken anywhere off road and where there are roads many of them are dirt roads that deteriorate rapidly in the rainy season!

Having said that we were contacted by the couple about the car. They knew we were coming into country and they thought we may need a vehicle. We were of course interested and after some messages back and forth we arranged to go and look at the car. Later we returned to buy the car as it was in our price bracket and had been looked after, at least by the last owners.

The car is a huge blessing and has made the process of chasing building items from town (as we are 15 kilometers away down a rough dirt road) and learning our way around Tabora very much easier! We give thanks that it was affordable and so far has proved reliable and we look forward to it providing us long term with good service.

If any of you would like to send a belated Christmas gift or an early birthday gift to help us with the cost of the car it would be much appreciated. To do this you would need to contact Robbyn at the AIM office and let her know what you wish to do. (AIM Office phone no: 02 4322 4777)

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