The Time will come…

It is now March and time seems to have passed very quickly and yet also quite slowly. We have been spending most of our time working on our home. At the end of many days I have looked around and only because I know what we have done, have I been able to notice the changes and the progress that we have made. At times it has been difficult to accept the rate of progress as our desire has been to be in our home.

God has regularly reminded me of the similarities that there between our current circumstances and the struggles we can face in ministry. Our desire is to see individuals make a decision to follow Christ but there is often much labouring that is required and the passage of time before this happens. We may need to speak the gospel message repeatedly in different ways. Many times, the Holy Spirit is at work within a person, slowly changing them, revealing himself to them, bringing them from a place of unbelief to a place where belief is a real possibility. This internal work of the Spirit we are often not privy to as it does not always show in external behaviour or may not be spoken aloud by the person. God requires us to continue to have faith, trust and patience, despite external appearances, for the day when the individual does make that decision that we have been waiting, longing and praying for.

My prayer is that if you are currently walking alongside someone that you desire to see come to Christ, remember and be encouraged that God is at work, that His ways are not our ways and His timing is not our timing and our perspective is so much smaller than His perspective. The day will come when the decision will be made and in the intervening time God is also working in our lives changing us and growing us in our faith. He never said it would be easy, but He did promise His presence with us always!

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