Home at Last!

We are very excited to let you know that we have finally moved into our home! It has been a long time since we have been in our own home (over 18months!) and so it has been good to be in our own place at last. The house is not finished but we have enough in place that we can live in it. It is rather empty at the moment but that certainly means it is easy to keep clean. We will continue to work on our home as time allows but it will no longer be our priority.

Building or re-purposing a building is never easy but when it occurs where there is no local Bunnings to go to and pick up the required bits and pieces it is somewhat harder. Through the process of building we have learnt our way around town, we are certainly not familiar with all that there is in Tabora, but we have a much better understanding of where it may be possible to get what we are looking for. We have also built relationships with several of the owners of the different dukas (shops) that we have frequented which has been a delight.

To me it was timely that we moved into our home for Easter. The celebration of Easter is not a major event in the lives of many around us. This presents the opportunity to tell people about the events of Easter and what it means for us. The Andersen’s showed the Jesus film twice over the weekend, once at the local primary school and then for the children who attend the Saturday kids club that is held at the farm. Please pray with us that there will be seeds planted because of the film.

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