The Hole Story

When the Ground is Good!

As we were travelling back from Kahama, where we had been to return the school children of another missionary on furlough, we received the message that we could have our fence posts delivered the following morning. This was welcome news. We also had the news that John was prepared to come and use his special earth drill to dig the post holes for us. This was unexpected and much appreciated. John had purchased the drill for a big fencing project at the children’s home which a team of people were coming to help with.

Our concrete posts arrived safely with no breakages despite the poor condition of our road. We then had to organise to clear the rainy season growth around the area where we were to fence. After clearing we needed to mark out where the posts would be placed, trying to find the line with the least number of visible obstructions. Finally, all was ready for the following morning and the arrival of the drill.

As I lay in bed that night knowing that the ground around us has many outcrops of granite, the cause of several failed water well drilling attempts, my prayer was that God would protect John’s drill as I knew it was vital to his own fencing project that occurs in a couple of months.

I had anticipated a full day of drilling holes at the marked locations and so was prepared for this. When John arrived we first used the winch on the front of his vehicle to remove a huge tree trunk that lay across the path of the fence. This was fairly rapidly dealt with and then the boys were keen to get the drill into action. The first hole was dug in a short time and the smiles on the faces of John and Craig said it all. Our workers Martin and Athmani looked on in amazement at the speed with which the drill was able to dig to the required depth. As the guys continued to work around the fence line they only twice struck a problem, once for a rock and the second time for a large tree root. Neither of these proved insurmountable as Martin used the jembe to remove the offending article before the drill finished its job. All up it took about an hour and a half to complete the drilling of 43 holes! All of us were surprised at what had been achieved and how God had been with us through the process, he had kept us from major incident with any rocks as well as keeping the drill in perfect condition!

As I reflected on our day I could not help but think of the parable of the sower and the seed. When the ground is good, when it is free from obstructions and is ready to receive the seed, it is amazing what God can do! Please pray with us for the hearts of our Nyamwezi people to be good ground for the seeds of the gospel that we may see our God at work in wonderful ways in their lives.

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