We have Language Helpers!

In learning Swahili, Craig and I were both keen to have local language helpers as part of the process. We valued the relationships that we developed with our language helpers when we were doing TIMO and so we wanted to have helpers here. I will be working with a young woman who dropped out of Secondary School due to pregnancy but who is now trying to do subjects at third and forth form level so that she can sit the exam at the end of the year. Mwajuma comes from a supportive Muslim family and hopes to be a school teacher one day. My hope is that I may be able to help her and encourage her to fulfil her dream as she helps me to learn Swahili.

Craig is going to be working with one of our workers, Martin, as his language helper. Martin has been working on the farm for a number of years; he has been here since before the arrival of the Andersen’s and ourselves. Martin is one of the stalwarts of our local church, which was started during the time when the farm was first set-up, and he has different responsibilities in the church. Martin has already helped Craig do a variety of different jobs around the place and has been very patient while endeavouring to understand what Craig is wanting to communicate.

We ask that you would pray for both Mwajuma and Martin as they work alongside us and struggle with us through language difficulties, rejoice with us when we have successes and that God would grow our relationships with them beyond the realm of learning language providing opportunities to share our faith with them.

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