Out Scouting.

We have recently started taking walks out into areas of the surrounding district that are new to us. The purpose of these trips is to understand where the groupings of people are and particularly where the Nyamwezi are predominantly situated. We are looking for places that are significantly removed from the local churches that are in our area. The idea is that we will commence ministry in a densely populated Nyamwezi area where there are people of peace with a view to planting a church in the community. For the Nyamwezi people who are closer to our location we are hoping to plug them into an existing local church when we they reach a place of belief in and commitment to Christ.

These walks have given us some understanding of just how far some people live from any kind of ‘services’, by that I mean local dukas or shops, clinics, rice or maize mills or government offices of any sort. They are obviously very self-sufficient and live quite simply. Many of the children do not attend school as the distance they need to walk to get to school are great and the families don’t feel the need to enforce schooling for the children.

Please pray with us as we continue to scout out areas that God would clearly guide us to the people of peace and the place or places that He would have us commence ministry. Please also pray that God would direct us as to what particular ministry he would have us commence; Chronological bible storying, Discovery Bible study …

2 thoughts on “Out Scouting.

  1. I love your strategy! May you find those people of peace in the most wonderful ways and knew that God is orchestrating it all in his beautiful way. Love you guys lots. Helen and Gerry.

  2. Thank you Craig and Helen for sharing this latest stage of your plans to meet and engage with the Nyamwezi. We’ll be praying for those people of peace and the stories that God has prepared for them to hear and then to seek Him.

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