Learning language with my language helper has been a joy. Mwajuma is a delightful young woman that I have really appreciated getting to know. She has been patient with me as I struggle with the language and has always been very respectful. I have been able to build relationship with three other young members of the family as well. During the time we have spent together I have had some lessons in cooking Tanzanian style as well as opportunity to teach a card game and learn how to play a local game.

Due to a very unfortunate set of circumstances that have seen Mwajuma’s grandmother spend extensive time in Dar Es Salaam, I have been able to interact with Mwajuma in a more free and open way. I feel this is an opportunity provided by God to be able to speak to Mwajuma about my faith. I felt led to share with her the story of the Samaritan woman at the well with her and then to unpack something of the significance of this incident in Jesus life. My prayer is that through sharing different bible stories I may be able to communicate the gospel to her in a way that captures her heart. Please pray with me that God will continue to guide me to the stories that will draw Mwajuma to Him.

2 thoughts on “Opportunity.

  1. Bless you Helen in all you do. You’re obedience & servant heart encourages & inspires me. Praying with you & for you.

  2. Thank you Helen for the reminder of a time when Jesus crossed all social and cultural barriers to reach a woman who was ready to respond to the Father’s love. We’ll be praying for Mwajuma that she will hear the Father’s call to her through this story.

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