Great News!

You may recall that we showed the Jesus movie to a Sukuma family, a very extended family, living within a large compound. When we showed the movie there was very little conversation and people seemed very engaged with the story. Last weekend we were invited back to the compound for the baptism and celebration of 53 family members and neighbours! This was very exciting! The father of this family had become a member of the Catholic church not long before he passed away and it was his desire that we show the film for his family that prompted us being at their compound. Because of this connection to the Catholic church and because the closest church to the family compound is a Catholic church, the family and friends were baptised into the Catholic church. The bishop who was in attendance at the celebration called on those who had made commitments to continue to grow in their faith and to attend church regularly. Please pray with us that the family will take this on board and will continue to learn more about God and what being a believer entails. We left them with some materials for the children to continue learning about God as well as an audio bible for the adults as they are not readers of Swahili but speakers of Swahili and Sukuma.

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