Kids Club Fun!

Saturday morning is kids club and this means that children start arriving at the farm from as early as 7:30am despite the fact that we don’t start kids club until 9:00am! The noise of the children playing as they wait for us to start is generally a happy and excited noise. We continue to work through the bible presenting bible stories and memory verses as well as doing some English teaching, singing and of course playing games.

Last week we had the joy of being able to play with a parachute. The parachute came to us as a gift from a team of Irish folk who had been out helping at Kazima Children’s home which is part of the work of the trust that oversees the farm which we reside on. I don’t think any of the children had ever seen a parachute before and the colours and size of it were a big hit even before we started to “play” with it. We had a load of fun using the parachute to throw a ball into the air and see how high we could make it go as well as trying to work as a team to make the ball “zunguka” or circle around the edge of the parachute. I have never seen the children so engrossed, nor so quiet as they worked away together trying to get the hang of how to make the ball move. Martin was helping me with the children and he was having almost as much fun as the kids were! Praise God for parachutes! Please pray that as the children are exposed to the bible message that it will draw them to God.

2 thoughts on “Kids Club Fun!

  1. We too played with a parachute a couple of Sundays ago at OC. May there be so many blessings for these lovely ones as they delight in the pleasure of play and people who love them unconditionally. We love you guys and the work you are doing. xx

  2. Hi Craig and Helen

    What a great tool to connect with the kids in your area. We’re praying that God will open up opportunities to share the good news with these kids and their families.

    Bless you guys!

    Love j&d

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