Rain at Last!

God is good! We have finally had enough rain to not just wet the surface of the ground but enough to penetrate the top layer of soil. While this has been a late start to the rainy season for us here we are very thankful that we have at last enough for the people here to be able to start planting. This gives the people hope for the coming year that they may have a harvest and be able to feed themselves and their families. Our neighbours now mostly eke out what food they have until they are able to harvest crops again. Such dependence on the weather and what it means for the welfare of people is something that I feel I know nothing of. The weather has for much of my life had only minimal impact on how I live. Do I put more clothes on if it is cold, or wear less if it is hot. If it is wet then I probably need to take an umbrella or maybe it means I need to cancel my BBQ plans. Yes I have experienced times when the weather has more significantly impacted my life, living through bushfires, a cyclone, flooding and water restrictions but it has never ruled my existence as I see it ruling the lives of people here. I thank God that I have not had that struggle but I can’t help but feel that I did nothing to deserve an easier life. Please continue to pray with us for a good rainy season to help the crops to grow that people may not go hungry.

One thought on “Rain at Last!

  1. Praise God that the rain has come! Thank you for your poignant thoughts about our ultimate dependence on God, each of us, for our daily needs. And how it seems unfair that some are starkly faced with this reality much more than others. We’ll be praying with you.

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