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  1. Hi Craig and Helen,
    Sounds like it has been a rough start for most of the team. We’ll be praying that they get over the sickness soon. It sounds a great adventure to be going as a team to the villages over Christmas. It will be a good chance to see the breadth of work ahead of you.

    We’re heading north over Christmas as you suggested, dropping into Tamworth for a few days and then further north again after that. We’re both quite tired. I’ve had a bit of work over the last few weeks which was not expected.

    New Vine is hosting the community Christmas carols next Saturday night and several in the community have been asking about them. Paul returned from holidays last Sunday. AJ and Fiona are going to remain at Mayfield Baps for another year so we have some big changes in New Vine. Dave McPherson will be joining staff as the life groups and family connections pastor and Jodie McEwan will be working part time to help with communications. Some of the structural steel went up a couple of weeks ago with more to go up later in January.

    Love to you both and praying for you.

    James and Daphne

  2. Hi James and Daphne,
    We have all the team here now and so far so good. Rob and Lindsey have had a lot of sickness with it starting with Elaina, the youngest,Emma,Isobel and then themselves.Isobel then had a major ear infection and now Emma has gastro! It has been a tough introduction for them. We also have Jeremy& Claudia down with dehydration and Elannah and Holly have just got over dehydration/gastro! Thankfully Craig and I remain well.Please pray that we will remain healthy as Craig & I, Holly & Elannah and Zeka and family head out into the remote villages for a Christmas stay of 3-4 days. May you enjoy a wonderful celebration of the birth of Christ in Newcastle or maybe Tamworth, with family. Love Helen and Craig

  3. Hi Craig and Helen

    So glad that you arrived safely. We’re praying for you as you adjust to the new pace of life in Namibia. Looking forward to hearing how the team comes together. The Lord is king! Love James and Daphne

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