These are some of the questions that people have been asking us as we have shared about our journey to Tanzania.

Tanzania/Tabora? Where is that?

Africa is an enormous continent of 52 separate countries which makes it difficult to remember where every country is and what countries border a particular nation.Tanzania is country number thirteen on this map:

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Image result for map of TanzaniaSituated on the east coast of Africa, Tanzania is bordered by seven different countries: Kenya (24) to the northeast and Uganda (23) to the northwest. Also to the northwest are Rwanda (16) and Burundi (15). To the southwest are Zambia (11) and Malawi (6) and to the southeast is Mozambique (5).

The town of Tabora is situated in the central western area of Tanzania.

We will be based about 12km outside the town on a rural property.

What people group will you be working with?

The unreached people group we will be working among are the Nyamwezi people. These people are Muslim believers and Tabora lies in the centre of the area occupied by this people group. The Nyamwezi make up 1 955 000 of the inhabitants of Tanzania.

What is the weather like in Tabora?

Well, I am not sure what you think but this graphic says to me that the weather should be pretty acceptable! (Where are the smiley icons?)

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As far as rain is concerned…it looks like for six months of the year there is almost no rain. This means a good rainy season will be needed for the livelihood of local farmers.

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What will you eat?

We understand that Tabora has a regional market for fresh produce which sounds really exciting to us as it offers us the option of fresh fruit and vegetables that are grown in the district. We will certainly be open to trying the local cuisine and possibly learning to cook as the locals do.